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Insurance companies are reluctant to give the best  life insurance quote to veterans because of the risk veterans pose compared to the general public. If you consider factors like post-war traumas, mental infirmity and physical injuries, which are common among veterans, it becomes even more difficult for veterans to purchase normal life insurance.

Life insurance for veterans was introduced to provide insurance benefits for veterans and service members who may not be able to get standard insurance from private companies because of the extra risks involved in military service.

Get the Right Life Insurance for Veterans Coverage:

Veterans may wonder how much life insurance do I need and what kind of life insurance do I need? There are several different types of coverage available to veterans, including:

  • Veterans term life insurance for temporary simplified coverage with no cash value
  • Veterans whole life insurance for permanent coverage, with set premiums, death benefits and cash value growth
  • Veterans universal life insurance for permanent coverage, flexibility and less emphasis on cash value
  • Veterans index universal life insurance for permanent coverage, potentially higher cash value through investment options but with some risk
  • Veterans survivorship life insurance for lifetime protection for two people that pays a benefit upon the passing of the surviving insured

Get a free Veterans life insurance quote today:

At, you have the luxury of getting information and quotes from the comfort of your home. For most of our veteran life insurance plans, there are no exams, no tests, no waiting periods or processing delays. Fill out the short form or call now to 1(888) 649-2016 to receive your free quotes for Veterans Life insurance.


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